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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Good Sites for Grammar Study

This is a British grammar site that has simple and clear explanations and exercises. If you read the examples and do the exercises it will help you learn and/or review all the English tenses!

Here is an excellent grammar site that will teach you all the grammar terminology you will ever need. Be sure to look at "Eight Parts of Speech" and do the exercises.

For French speakers:
This is an excellent grammar site with explanations in French but everyone can try it!

Here's a new site I've just found. Each lesson has a video component. There are many levels - start with "Blue" - and new lessons are being added regularly.


  1. Hi. I'm ERIC.
    I think it's really really useful site for me.
    I found good way to speaking english fast.
    It says there are 7 secrets way.
    One of them is NEVER STUDY GRAMMER RULES.^^
    This is the samething that Jerry told me.
    Anyway, join and listen 7 secrets way....

  2. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the compliment! That's a good site and I have some of their material.